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Living History Services

We portray Eastern Woodland Natives (Indians) from pre-contact/early contact to early 1800’s.


Interactive Demo

Native Archery

Your participants will learn about how primitive, Native bows were made, their styles, and arrow types. This includes materials used along with accessory items such as bow strings, quivers, arm guards, etc.. However, the real highlight of this demonstration is the interactive shooting session where your participants get to experiment first hand with different Native shooting releases and experience aiming with a primitive bow. Ages 2+


Interactive Demo

Knife & Tomahawk Throwing

Try your hand at sticking a traditional, hand-forged tomahawk or knife into a wooden throwing block. We also include information for you about the traditional uses of knives and tomahawks, as well as why they were thrown. Ages 3+


Interactive Demo

Cordage, Twining, & Weaving

This demonstration, while still interactive, is a little more relaxed if throwing knives isn't your cup of tea. During this session, you will learn how to make thread/ropes/strings from natural materials, such as plant fibers and animals products (sinew, gut, rawhide). Once you've got the strings, now you can get started with an ancient method called twining. We provide the looms - YAY! Also included is a short section on the Inkle Loom.



Native History & Culture

Bring your notebook to this one! We cover a multitude of topics such as weapons, cooking, clothing, jewelry, personal care (such as face/body paint), kinship connections within the tribe, regional languages, etc. etc. This can be customized to your group's interests and time needs. Great for the classroom!


Archery, Weapons, Jewelry, and other Native items

Exhibits & Displays

This includes all the items from the History/Culture session and is great for sporadic crowds that want more one on one interaction with us. If your main goal is just to view and handle the items, this might be for you. (If you're a museum type organization, this one is probably for you too.)


Shop Our Inventory

Nearly all of the items you see in our displays are for sale in our Etsy shop. We take custom orders all the time and would love to make something special for you.

Since many of our services can be combined on-site at your location, the possibilities are endless. Contact us to put together a plan that will WOW your group today!

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