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Joshua Krieger

Back to Basics

I have always been interested in outdoor activities and, as I've gotten older, many different cultures. The primitive aspects of life inspire me with notions of complete self-sufficiency...something that makes sense. When I was little I used to try to make tomahawks by wedging rocks into sticks. But my crafting career really kicked off when I made my first bow, under the close supervision of a master bowyer (pronounced BO-yer). Many of my other crafts branched off from the studies I did to learn bowmaking. I really feel like a part of me is in every finished product because I, literally, touch every single part of it. That makes it hard sometimes to let a piece go...but I hope that the buyer enjoys it as much as I do.


Marissa Krieger

The Catalyst

Although Marissa doesn't do the "heavy lifting", if it wasn't for her focused motivation, this business would never have gottten off the ground. Her interests in history and culture started in high school and expanded through international travel. Having tagged along with Joshua, she's in knee deep now. Primarily Marissa takes care of all the techie business that goes into Krieger Mountain Crafts as well as a bit of instructing at live events.

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